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Total solution

total solution

Turnkey - Operating Partner Solution

In addition to our own direct or co-investments, Durendal Ventures can also work with you as a local operating partner, advisor or services provider. We serve a select group of top class clientele ranging from large Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Institutional Investors, Asset Managers and Banks, to Sovereign Wealth Funds, Family Offices, Developers, and High Net Worth's.

Don;t yet have an office representation on the ground in Italy, Spain, the States, etc., Durendal provides a cost effective and  complete alternative "turnkey" network of Durendal established local experts and services to address your needs. From our trusted legal advisors to banking executives, our "in-country" teams bring a reputation of excellence in combining quality services with cost effective solutions.


In many of today's complex global markets, coordination of a "macro" vision with local expertise can be critical to executing a successful transaction. At Durendal, we can complement existing resources to fill any gaps, or provide the full range of required services directly. 

Whatever approach works best for you...

Durendal provides a cost effective "alternative" to efficiently address dynamic global markets and  "private equity" investments.

At Durendal, every client relationship is valued greatly and treated with dignity and respect. Our goal is to ensure that each client engagement "benefits" from the depth and breadth of our in-market expertise.

ADVISORY & local operating partners

Improved Deal-Flow / Origination

Savvy investors know that the quality of a firm's "deal-flow" can be critical to minimizing resources and maximizing returns. Our global macro vision combined with an established network of local partners and "on the ground" platforms, ensures that we bring you the "best deals" available. Typically off-market, owner direct, or exclusive.

Market Valuation / Due Diligence

Every market has its complexities with upside potential and downside risk. To minimize that risk, local market expertise and "insider" knowledge, followed by proper due-diligence is critical. Doing that work "long distance" can be difficult and dangerous. At Durendal, we work with some of the best local market experts and legal advisors.


Finance / Co-Investment

Whether you manage a Fund to acquire assets directly, prefer to buy the debt or finance the transaction, or simply require efficient currency exchange, Durendal can assist. In addition, on select transactions we can help to coordinate possible "co-investment", joint ventures, and/or syndication.

Legal Advice / Structure

Ensuring that an investment opportunity has been properly qualified, our Legal Team and Professional Advisors from Marbella to Dubai can work it directly, or coordinate with your team. From organizing the most efficient corporate structure, tax strategy, and currency exchange, to establishing local banking, etc.

Closing  / Transaction

Our Team can assist with offers, coordinate negotiations, manage any cultural or language issues, and help to "close the deal". Then perhaps most importantly, we can be engaged to also manage all of the cumbersome local legal and bureaucratic requirements, to effectively close the transaction. Or assist with an exit "liquidity event".

Asset Management / Exit Strategy

Whether you have an existing portfolio, or want to monetize your investments made with Durendal, we can help. Resale assets directly with Durendal Properties and our network of Estate Agencies, or tap into the secondary market. If your strategy is to "Buy and Hold" use our Property Management solution to create income/cash flow.

Engagement / Options

Whether you are looking for local 'Operating Partner", a potential co-investment, "Buy-Side" investor or on the "Sell Side" looking to monetize assets, contact us to discuss our flexible options and fee arrangements to begin working together. We at the Durendal Ventures Group look forward to achieving common objectives, in order to create significant shared value.