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The Durendal Ventures Group is a privately held "boutique" private equity investment, advisory and origination firm with its European operations based in Marbella (Spain) and affiliates in Miami, New York and Italy. Plus, our recently announced representative office based in Hong Kong.

Durendal Ventures discretely targets private equity "real estate" and "alternative asset" class investment opportunities, including select "mergers & acquisitions" and special situation distressed opportunities. The firm also provides support and professional services to our Strategic Partners and Clients in targeted markets. 

While Durendal continues to pursue various global opportunities in search of value, our current core markets are in Southern Europe. With an emphasis on Spain, the Costa del Sol, Italy and Portugal.Supplemented by other markets in France, Benelux, Monaco and Greece.

As investors, operating partners, advisors or investment brokers, at Durendal we leverage a macroglobal vision with our in-country networks of local expert partners to source unique investment opportunities, improve deal flow, un-lock hidden value, and minimize risk.


With decades of international experience, the Durendal Ventures Team creates unique value by combining its international platform and global vision with local expertise. Including a professional "on the ground" network of partners, strategic advisors, and finance. 

Durendal works the entire "Value Chain" of a transaction.

Our experts and local partners include well-respected Lawyers, Bankers, Administrators, Property Developers, Asset Managers, Business Development Professionals and Investors.

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Historic foreign direct investment in Europe is now coming mainly from the USA, EMEA and most recently Asia.

Total Solution

For larger transactions, Durendal's local teams provide an alternative and cost effective "turn-key" solution. Whether you have an "in-country" team in place, or are just opening new markets, we can assist you to achieve your goals.

Ranging from deal-sourcing to advisory, or working with your team  as an "Operating Partner", Durendal Ventures can help improve the utilization of resources, and reduce costs. While minimizing risk and maximizing value creation to drive ROI.


Durendal "bridges the gap" between select American and International investors, seeking a trusted "on the ground" platform and local expertise to source and complete value driven transactions.

Real Estate - Mergers & Acquisitions: Durendal's preferred asset classes are value-driven global real estate investments, as well as select mergers, acquisitions, financial instruments, and special situation distressed alternative asset opportunities and transactions.

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