list & sell

If you have already purchased a property(s) through Durendal, or if you own Residential or Commercial properties, one of Durendal's authorized Agents can discuss your needs.

As a select Durendal Client, an experienced Estate Agent professional will be assigned specifically to work with you. Evaluate market conditions in your area, and agree with you on your desired pricing. Then when you are ready to sell, simply sign a standard Listing Agreement with Durendal and leave the rest to us.

As a registered member of the MLS (Multiple Listing Services), Durendal will professionally publish your property(s) and listing For Sale. Making it available not only to the Durendal Group's select set of qualified International Investors, but also to the rest of the world via the MLS on the Internet.

Showings and visits of your property will then be scheduled and coordinated in accordance with your wishes. Many of the Agents we work with and who will be visiting your property with your Durendal Private Estate Agent, speak multiple languages. Such as English, French, Italian, Spanish, etc.

Durendal Ventures GroupTM



asset management

Durendal Properties is a member of the international Durendal Ventures Group.

Duly registered and approved as Estate Agent Brokers for all real estate transactions and asset management.

We provide exclusive "non-retail" professional services to well-known Private Equity investors,

Sovereign Wealth Funds, Family Offices, and select international Private Clients only. 


Buy & invest

Numerous industry researchers and real estate experts think that that in many recovering markets, this may be a great time to invest in real estate.

Due to the global financial crisis, prices have come down substantially. Structural reforms are taking hold, and economic and market conditions appear to be improving. 

While there are no guarantees in life, at Durendal we are currently focused on Real Estate investments in Spain. In particular we like Marbella and the Costa Del Sol. Also in Monte-Carlo, the French Riviera and Paris. As well as occasionally, unique opportunities in Italy, Greece, Belgium, and USA.  

Partnering with our parent company, the Durendal Ventures Group, we also have representatives in New York, Miami, Italy and Hong Kong who assist us in bringing forward Durendal opportunities.

And then when it comes time to buy or sell,they can also professioanlly advise and promote your property to international investors there as well... 

Total Solution

Whether you are a private equity industry insider, a professional investor, a smart "Buyer" looking to make a value driven investment, or

a savvy  "Seller" seeking to maximize your returns, the Durendal Ventures Group can "add-value" and help you to achieve your goals.



In many of Durendal's markets, after significant price adjustments have been made, values have ticked back up and seem to be stabilizing. So this could be a good time to sell, or even upgrade your positions.

However, many of Durendal's long term investors often also prefer a strategy to "buy and hold" their properties. Normally forecasting ROI over 3-5 years.

They seek to not only buy well, but to then profit from potential market appreciation. Depending on your investment strategy and situation, that investor approach can make good sense in many transactions.

So, if it's part of your plan to hold and maximize yield, this may also be a good time to rent out your properties. Demand is strong and it's going up. Many banks are still not lending, or the process remains overly burdensome and bureaucratic. Driving the demand curve up for rental investments.


However, along with that "Buy and Hold" strategy comes the problem of having to "Manage" your assets.

The solution? Work with Durendal and our "Property Management" affiliate to cost effectively lease your properties, manage their administration, design and furnish your units, collect rents, and even handle maintenance and repairs.

Thereby, enabling our Clients to:

         Maximize Returns...

                   and Minimize Problems.